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Sharing Best Practices Across the Company and Around the World Perspectives

The team from Pangborn offered their perspective on sharing best practices across the company and around the world with the audience at MFN. Whether it is recognizing the challenges of…

Pangborn Group – all around the industries

Pangborn Group - all around the industries In today's modern production technology you will find many processes, solutions and options to handle different work pieces in the surface technology. The…

Upgrading, rebuilding and modernization – Genesis Wheels

Upgrading, rebuilding and modernization - Genesis Wheels From the harsh conditions within foundries, to the high output requirements of the automotive industries, to the exacting tolerances of peening aerospace parts,…

Tailor-made Blast Technologies

Tailor-made Blast Technologies Nearly all areas of steel industries - even if it is the foundry industry, the automotive or shipyard industry or energy and power industry - needs tailor-made…

Air Peening Machines For Gears And Gear Shafts

Air Peening Machines For Gears And Gear Shafts For a leading worldwide operating automotive manufacturer - Pangborn Europe (Brand under the umbrella of the Pangborn Group) has been engineered by…

Preservation Line for Shipbuilding Industry

Preservation line for shipbuilding industry Preservation lines are the ideal complete conveying systems for the treatment of various parts, such as plates and sections. Within the preservation line the parts…

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A Leader in the Shot Blasting Solutions

Pangborn provides superior shot blasting equipment and surface preparation solutions. Our sales, engineering, and service teams design best-in-class solutions, parts, and service that help our customers drive operational excellence, realize improved total cost of ownership, and increased profitability.

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