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Pangborn Blast Wheels

The blast wheel is an important variable that influences and determines the overall efficiency and operating cost of a blast cleaning system. Quality blast wheels must be durable, easy to maintain, and meet all performance standards.

Pangborn offers the most versatile line of blast wheels in the industry including from 13″ (330.2 mm) to 26.5″ (673.1 mm) diameters, wheels with various speeds, vane, impeller, and impeller case designs that are used to handle the most challenging blast application.

Pangborn GenesisTM Wheels

Developed and supported by more than 100 years of blasting and cleaning experience, Pangborn’s Genesis family of blast wheels are revolutionary new wheels that offer significant savings and competitive advantages. The new Genesis technology takes ease of blast wheel maintenance to a whole new level—and drives savings straight to the bottom line.

Regardless of the harsh conditions that exist within foundries, the high output requirements of automotive industries, or the exacting tolerances of peening specifications, Genesis Wheels are proving that they are not only one of the most technologically advanced wheels on the market, they are also the most versatile.

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Genesis Wheel Features

  • Rapid-release, dual-tapered vanes eliminate “shot locking”
  • Tight tolerances and specialized metallurgy deliver longevity
  • One-step pattern select eliminates guesswork
  •  Safety features
  • Variety of vane sizes, speeds, and configurations to meet precise needs:  2.5″ (63.5 mm) and 4” (101.6 mm) wide wheels as well as wheel conversion kits.

Genesis Wheel Benefits

  • Better abrasive control and improved flow boosts machine performance and productivity
  • Enhanced durability and longevity
  • Ease of maintenance
  • High/low/variable speed options for flexibility and precision


  • Single Runner Head: 2.5G1 (high and low speed), 4G1, 5.5G1,
  • Double Runner Head: 4G2 (High, low, and variable speed)


The Acu-Strike wheel is a single sided high efficiency unit with minimal energy consumption and low running costs. The blast wheel is designed for maximum performance in all descaling, finishing, foundry and forge applications.

The wheels are manufactured, assembled and tested in our UK facility.

The canted vanes are produced with Pangborn’s P-41 alloy, processed by investment casting and fully heat treated. The casting process ensures repeatable tolerances for assembly fit and weight. The consistency and quality of the vanes deliver uniform service wear across the entire set of vanes and extends the in-service life of the electrical motors.

The Acu-Strike Canted wheel design has the following advantages:

  • Low power consumption
  • Reduced wear part replacement cost and time
  • Simple blade changing
  • Flange mounted wheel motors
  • Non-handed reversible wheels and vanes
  • Designed to operate from 2000 to 3800 rpm with inverter control
  • Unique wider blast width with excellent shot particle distribution
  • Decreased cycle times & increased line speeds with constant maximum abrasive flow rates
  • Available from 7.5kW to 22kW

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V+S 380/450 Wheel

Our V+S style wheels are designed to accommodate a quick exchange of the complete impeller wheel turbine for repair or replacement. Held in place by three position bolts, the blast wheel is easily removed from the blast machine by using a crane or lifting hoist.

  • Modern, high-duty impeller blast wheel with eight (8) blades incorporated in a double-disc wheel
  • All wear parts of the blast wheel are made of high-alloy, hardened chromium steel
  • Abrasive is gravity fed into the blast wheel and requires no additional power supply for abrasive loading
  • Blast wheel design allows for convenient maintenance with easy access to the wheel components and main wear parts
  • Simple design of blade locking guarantees a quick turn or change of blades
Pangborn Blast Wheel Options

Pangborn offers a variety of specialty wheels for unique blast environments and we provide parts and service for older wheel models and non-Pangborn blast wheels.

  • RI Straight Vane, Maxiblast Reversible 12-Vane Wheel
  • RIM-LOC RotoBlast wheels
  • RK Curvane



Pangborn, Genesis, Acu-Strike, RIM-LOC, and RotoBlast are all registered trademarks of Pangborn.

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