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Pangborn Loaders and Unloaders

Load and Unload Work Pieces Safely and Efficiently

Loading and unloading heavy parts can be both tedious and dangerous. It is often a time-consuming process and one that can be handled more efficiently using automation.

Pangborn has several automation solutions for loading and unloading work pieces, including conveyor systems and hydraulic batch systems. These systems are easily fitted to existing blast equipment, regardless of the manufacturer.

For safe and careful evacuation of blasted work pieces, Pangborn uses vibrating conveyers or rubber belt conveyers. We can adapt blast machines to virtually any desired flow of material including:

  • A vibrating conveyor with or without a sieve area
  • A vibrating conveyor / rubber belt conveyor that is reversible
  • A vibrating conveyor / rubber belt conveyor that is both reversible and replaceable

In addition, all conveyors can be equipped with a weight capacity monitoring device.

Pangborn has fitted hundreds of blast machines (Pangborn and non-Pangborn) globally with part loading and unloading systems. Whether you work in a rigid environment or are blasting fragile work pieces, we can help you determine the best loading and unloading system for your unique requirements.

Features, Benefits & Options

  • Hydraulic soft loaders and unloaders, single cylinder (load capacity up to 4t)
  • Conveyor belts (pre and post blast)
  • Work cars
  • Weighting cells
  • 180 degree Turn Loader
  • Hydraulic Interstep Unloader
  • No work piece shock during loading CE mark compliance
  • Automatic box handling system for loader
  • Variable speed during loading
  • Load Volume: 7.6 ft3 to 53 ft3 (0.2 m3 to 1.5 m3)
  • Load weight up to 6614 lbs (3000 kg)


6HGN, 12HGN, 20HGN, 26HGN, 32HGN

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