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Modernize Your Equipment

Make the most of your equipment investment.

Pangborn Upgrade and Rebuilds

Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, reduce costs, or give your shot blasting equipment a renewed life, Pangborn upgrades and rebuilds can help make the most of your equipment investment. Our team of engineers can recommend an updated, modern solution that will integrate with current operations and equipment even if you have non-Pangborn blast equipment.

While ensuring the best blast performance, our team of engineers will evaluate the efficiency of your present system and recommend and implement the most economical upgrade. Our rebuilds are designed to provide longer service life, accommodate a changing work piece mix, increase efficiency, meet increased production demands, and improve environmental conditions. Upgraded designs can extend the life of your current blast equipment without incurring the costs of a completely new blast machine. The resulting efficiency and ease of maintenance will save you time and money.

Complete Machine Upgrades and Rebuilds

Pangborn’s engineering specialists can evaluate your repair and replacement needs, rebuild systems to their original state, and/or upgrade to meet new requirements. Electrical controls, abrasive reclaim systems, abrasive separators, conveyors, and blast wheels are all updated to the latest design to maximize productivity.

Wheel Upgrade Kits

The Pangborn Aftermarket team is available to support all requests for aftermarket wheel parts for blast wheels of all generations. Now more than ever, we understand the need to get more life out of your existing equipment. Our team is dedicated to repairing parts, service, and rebuilds in order to ensure delivery of a reliable, consistent, and durable solution.

Component Upgrades, Rebuilds, and Retrofits

Capitalizing on the unsurpassed quality, durability, and performance of its equipment and parts, Pangborn offers retrofitting to customers who own and operate a non-Pangborn machine. The objective of a retrofit is to enhance your surface preparation system by installing a Pangborn Genesis shot blast wheel or other quality Pangborn machine components.

A Pangborn retrofit will upgrade your equipment in order to take advantage of every innovation available resulting in increased efficiency and reducing or simplifying maintenance. Common retrofit applications include installation of new blast wheels, introducing newly designed separators and abrasive reclaim systems to the existing blast equipment. Increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs are guaranteed. Led by changes in customer needs and solidly supported by our research and engineering expertise, Pangborn pioneered the process of retrofitting as a natural extension of blast equipment technology.

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Pangborn provides superior shot blasting equipment and surface preparation solutions. Our sales, engineering, and service teams design best-in-class solutions, parts, and service that help our customers drive operational excellence, realize improved total cost of ownership, and increased profitability.

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