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Pangborn Crankshaft Descaler Machine

Pangborn Crankshaft Descaler Machines are ideally suited to treat cast or forged crankshafts at a high production rate. The parts are loaded on a table/carousel fitted with rotating disc supports prior to entering the blast chamber.

Pangborn Crankshaft Descaler Machines can be designed to incorporate one (1) to three (3) blasting stations, a loading/unloading station, and a table diameter to meet the crankshaft length, including large size crankshafts.

The machine can be equipped with up to six (6) 60HP (45kW) blast wheels arranged on the top of the cabinet.

When needed, a robot for loading, unloading, and feeding step V conveyors can be included.

Finishing Process & Applications

  • Descaling
  • Sand removal of cast or forged crankshafts


  • CD
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Pangborn Crankshaft Descaler Machine Features and Benefits

General Features and Benefits

P-41 Alloy and Steel Construction for:

  • Enhanced durability
  • Machine longevity

Genesis Wheel Technology:

  • Better abrasive control and improved flow boosts machine performance and productivity
  • Enhanced durability and longevity
  • Ease of maintenance
  • High/Low/Variable speed options for flexibility and precision

High Efficiency Separator:

  • Consistent blast quality and abrasive flow for a better finished product and more efficient operations
  • Optimized contaminant removal
  • Paint savings
  • Better abrasive life for cost savings

Electronics Package:

  • Multiple package options to meet your needs (Basic, PLC/Touch Screen, PC based)
  • Remote connectivity for easier and more efficient troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Back office integration and data collections for improved operations

Machine Specific Features

  • Adjustable disc holders for different crankshafts
  • Robots loading, unloading, and feeding step V conveyors with adjustable pitch
  • Workpiece dimension: Length 1’0″ – 2’7″ (300 – 800 mm), diameter up to 1′ (300 mm) approx.
Pangborn Crankshaft Descaler Machines

Pangborn Crankshaft Descaler Machines are ideally suited to treat cast or forged crankshafts at a high production rate.

General Benefits from Pangborn Blasting Systems

Customers of Pangborn’s surface preparation machines enjoy high quality, cost effective, operationally efficient shot blasting machines.

  • Improved production quality, volume, and speed with high volume single pass through or batch cycles that can be integrated into your production line
  • Elimination of multiple blast cycles, excessive abrasive consumption, and repeated maintenance
  • Increased production up-time as a result of easy installation, user-friendly operations, quick maintenance, and machine longevity
  • Flexibility where it matters, precision where it counts
  • Work piece appropriate handling
    • Batch or continuous processing
    • Rugged for heavy duty work
    • Smooth and shockless for fragile work

Features and options may vary by model and/or configuration. Speak with your Pangborn representative to learn more.

Pangborn: Making an Impact
A Leader in the Shot Blasting Solutions

Pangborn provides superior shot blasting equipment and surface preparation solutions. Our sales, engineering, and service teams design best-in-class solutions, parts, and service that help our customers drive operational excellence, realize improved total cost of ownership, and increased profitability.

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