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Pangborn Shot Removal Systems

Capture and Recirculate Abrasive for Lower Costs

After blasting, some work pieces may retain difficult to evacuate residual abrasive. This typically occurs when blasting engine blocks or heads contained inside the water jackets and oil channels remain inside the castings after the blasting process is complete.

This unexpected abrasive consumption is an economical loss for users of shot blasting equipment. Pangborn has developed shot removal systems that automatically evacuate all residual abrasive from the castings after blasting. Conveying systems for the total recovery of the abrasive are also available.

Several options exist and vary based on customer requirements, including a fully automatic shot removal system with one rotational axis, a fully automatic shot removal system with two rotational axes for difficult parts as engine heads, and star type for high outputs up to 360 pcs/h.

Shot Removal Systems are commonly used for:

  • Engine blocks or heads
  • Water and oil jackets
  • Castings with deep cavities or pockets

Pangborn helps customers identify multiple methods of lowering finished parts costs while ensuring each customer facility is as efficient as possible.

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