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Pangborn Abrasive Separators

Abrasive Recovery & Waste Stream Solutions

In harsh blast conditions, a two percent (2%) volume of sands/fines in the abrasive can reduce the wear life of the internal wheel components by as much as 50%.

Abrasive recovery and waste stream management are one of the most important aspects of your shot blasting system. The right solution can improve the following:

  • Recovery of useable abrasive from your waste stream, saving thousands of dollars a year
  • Removal of contaminants in your shot blast system, improving overall efficiency and product quality
  • Extending the life of blast wheels and other components of your shot blast system
  • The ability to separate waste generated by your shot blast system for effective end-of-life waste disposal and recycling

Pangborn offers a complete line of abrasive recovery and waste stream solutions to meet any shot blast application. We work closely with our customers to understand their abrasive recovery expectations and how they intend to manage their end-of-life waste stream. A Pangborn solution can be incorporated into the design of new equipment, retrofitted on existing blast equipment (from Pangborn or a competitor), or delivered as a stand-alone system.

Abrasive Recovery

Get More Bang with Your Shot

One of the most expensive consumables with any wheel blast system is the abrasive used in a blast operation. One of the best ways to extend the life of abrasive is to use an effective abrasive separator. A faulty abrasive separator can bring blast operations to a grinding halt and result in costly repairs if dust and debris enters the blast wheel.

Pangborn has a number of solutions easily adaptable to any manufacturer’s blast equipment. Our systems enable our customers to more efficiently recycle shot by removing dust and debris out of the blast stream.

Abrasive Separator Features & Benefits

  • Effectively removes dust and debris from the blast stream
  • Extends the life of the blast wheels
  • Allows abrasive to be recycled resulting in lower costs of consumables
  • Adaptable to any blast equipment regardless of the manufacturer

Pangborn may recommend either an airwash or magnetic separator with airwash depending on your specific operation and the type of abrasive being used.

Sand Recovery

When large quantities of sand are generated during blasting, an especially effective and environmentally responsible abrasive sand separation system is required.

Pangborn’s magnetic separators are proven effective in extreme conditions in the foundry industry. The system can be retrofitted to existing blast machines for output enhancement.

Pangborn’s RotoConditioner III Mechanical Scrubber is designed to cut your new sand usage by up to 90% while substantially reducing your operating and maintenance costs. It quickly removes surface clay and binder residues (organic and inorganic) from sand grains and improves sand geometry.

Compared to competitive scrubbers (pneumatic, wet or thermal), the RotoConditioner III requires less horsepower, takes up less floor space, and is generally less costly to install.

Abrasive Recovery & Waste Stream Solutions
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