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Announcing Our New Barrel Blast Machine

May 13, 2022

Introducing Our New Barrel Blast Machine.


What is a barrel blast machine? (Check out our product page here)

The GN series of blast machines are in the Barrel-Blast family, called this because the tumbling action of the parts inside the machine resembles them being rolled inside a cylindrical barrel (i.e. 55-gallon drum). There are small and large versions of these style of machines with either a rubber or steel mill.

The “6” in 6GN stands for 6 cubic feet of load capacity. The heavy-duty Pangborn Barrel Blast Machine is exclusively designed to thoroughly clean all types of castings, forgings, weldments, heat-treated work, and stampings. Our barrel blast machines are designed to process a variety of workpieces that can be tumbled, and the endless conveyor belt and  creates a trough in which workpieces are treated.


What’s New? Let’s Dive In


We are introducing the 6GN-3R36. This is our new generation of the 6GN.
It has a Rubber mill, and the effective width of the mill is 36”. We have modernized this machine in the following ways:
  • Fully designed in 3D – with modular components (cost savings for a lower total cost of ownership as discussed below)
  • Repositioned the blast wheel for better abrasive flow
  • Increased capacity of storage bin
  • Updated elevator belt tensioning method
  • Improved access to elevator boot – Easier maintenance -> Cost savings
  • Added bearing plates for easier service on rollers and shafts
  • Updated mill tensioning slide plate for easier service and mill replacement
  • Increased door angle for easier loading access
  • Pivoting control panel for machine maintenance access


Completely Modular Design Provides Benefits for Our Customers 
  1. Respond to market changes, allowing us to be more agile with industry and other requirements/needs

      1. The modular components are individually designed, tested and re-worked.

      2. This allows us to make upgrades, changes, and new innovations to a specific modular system, rather than having to re-design and manufacture a whole new machine system.

  2. Drastically shorten the product design and manufacturing cycle for customized barrel blast machine operations.

      1. From start to finish, we can customize a solution that is perfect for your needs, at a lower cost and faster than our competitors producing standard machine options (no customization)

      2. No longer must you decide between a standard machine option or a customized offering — now Pangborn offers both all in one.

  • Improves product quality, accuracy, and reliability

      1. Each modular component can be rigorously tested, re-worked, and designed. The ability to focus on specific parts of a machine allows us to build quality, functionality, and reliability into every section, bolt, nut, system, and component of our machines.

  • Facilitate product manufacture, disassembly, and more importantly – re-manufacture, modernizations, and upgrades

      1. Rather than replacing old existing barrel blast machines, we are now able to retrofit, redesign, upgrade and improve our third generation 6GN machine while in the field. That means our machine will run longer, at a lower total ownership cost to the customer.

      2. This approach also allows for easier maintenance, cleaning, and repair of the machine — which means less downtime.


Pangborn Integral Dust Collector

We have redesigned the back of the machine to be compatible with either an integral dust collector (unique to Pangborn) or an exhaust plenum to allow hook-up to an external collector. (The exhaust plenum and external collector are required for applications with combustible dust)

Pangborn’s integral dust collector is incorporated into the design of the blast machine. This feature provides a more compact and modular system than one with a separate, external dust collector. In addition to simplifying installation by only having to set and wire one piece of equipment, an integral collector eliminates the need for ductwork – which saves on material cost, labor cost, cleanout maintenance, and static pressure losses. Check out our collectors here ⇒ Dust Collectors






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