Air Peening Machines For Gears And Gear Shafts

1 6 月, 2014

Air Peening Machines For Gears And Gear Shafts

For a leading worldwide operating automotive manufacturer – Pangborn Europe (Brand under the umbrella of the Pangborn Group) has been engineered by its R&D department a compact and versatile air peening machine to treat gears and gear shafts.

The air peening machine, fully programmable, is equipped with 2-axis nozzle movement. The workpieces are loaded on satellites, mounted on a rotary table, and provided with specific customized piece holders designed to accommodate several types of workpieces with a remarkable advantage on setup time and operating cost savings. To prevent any damage to the machined workpiece areas, special protections are automatically positioned during the shot peening.

In order to control the shot peening parameters and the consequent results, the machine is equipped with specific devices:

  1. Rotation speed control to detect the uniform coverage of the workpiece during the process
  2. Magnetic valves to control and adjust the abrasive flow
  3. Abrasive hose leakage detection

Download Foundry Planet (Russia), vol 1 2014, 1 June 2014

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