Pangborn Introduces Genesis  Blast Wheel Technology

7 5 月, 2009

Pangborn Introduces Genesis  Blast Wheel Technology

Pangborn Corporation announces its innovative Genesis family of wheels. The Genesis family of wheels offers unmatched performance, better cleaning and significantly lower operating costs.

The Genesis line includes high-speed, 14″-18″ diameter wheels with either single or double-sided runnerheads. The low-speed, 19.5″ – 26.5″ diameter wheels provide reduced consumption of abrasives, better cleaning and lower horsepower requirements.

Pangborn’s new Genesis blast wheels offer major improvements over traditional blast wheels. Key advantages:
Easy assembly and maintenance. Front-of-housing access to runnerheads is just one of the Genesis features that enable full assembly in less than one hour. Setting the pattern length is now a quick, one-step job. Dual-tapered vanes eliminate “shot locking.”

Long-lasting parts. Genesis has replaceable housing liners, which are less expensive to replace than one-piece cast manganese housings. Cast linings are made with Pangborn’s specialized P-41 metallurgy. Tight tolerances result in significantly less wear.

Economical operation. Users of all Genesis wheels can expect rapid ROI from simplified maintenance, faster cleaning cycles and high longevity of parts. In addition, the low-speed wheel saves money through reduced consumption of abrasives and lower power requirements.

Increased safety. New safety innovations include a lid with pin-locked safety hinges, an integral U-shaped feed spout safety lock, and rapid release vanes.

“Customers who want to save time, save money and improve efficiency will be ideal candidates for the Genesis family of blast wheels,” said Donna Gordon, Pangborn’s vice president of business development. “Genesis represents change versus traditional thinking in blast technology. Shot blast customers will find a range of choices, all with the ability to tailor features of the equipment to best meet their specific needs.”

Genesis® is a regitered trademark of Pangborn.

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