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What is a Shot Blasting Machine and How Does it Work?

What is Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting is a surface preparation process used to remove debris, irregularities and other contaminants from concrete, metal, and other industrial surfaces.

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Creation of Sand Blasting and Shot Blasting as a process:


Pangborn develops the process known as sandblasting

Pangborn pioneers the use of metal abrasives to replace sand


Also known as Centrifugal Blasting

Wheel Blast

A wheelblast machine uses an electric motor (centrifugal wheel) to rotate a turbine wheel, which then rotates at high speed and generates a stream of abrasive particles (abrasive material). These large amounts of accelerated abrasives are used where big parts, large areas of parts, or heavy duty parts need to be derusted, scaled, deburred, sanded, or cleaned in some form or another. The shot media, including steel shot, cut wire, and nuts, is loaded into a hopper that then feeds the blast wheel. The media can “blast” off almost anything, from rust to epoxy.

While shot blasting is done to clean surfaces, it’s also used to prepare them. Shot blasting a surface before painting it or coating it is an effective and efficient way to literally smooth out those processes.

The method of transport of the components to be blast-cleaned will determine the type of machine used: from simple table machines to automatic manipulator machines used by full series automotive manufacturers, to roller conveyors, stripping systems and more.


Wheel Blast Machines are commonly applied for:
  • To clean iron, steel, non-cast parts, forgings, etc.
  • To clean mechanical sheets, rods, coils, wire, etc.
  • To prepare surfaces to be painted, coated, etc.
  • Shot peening to improve mechanical properties, increasing resistance against fatigue for springs, gears and so on.


Wheel Blasting common applications:
  • Derusting: Process to clean and remove rust from steel and iron parts.
  • Descaling: Descaling is a metal cleaning process that removes unwanted surface deposits on metals to provide a smooth surface finish
  • Decoring: The terms “decore” and “shake out” cover the removal of the core and core residue, including the core bar (densener) from the casting.
  • Deflashing:  Finishing technique to remove excess material (flash) from a plastic or metal molding.
  • Shot Peen (peening): Shot peening is a process used to produce a compressive residual stress layer and modify the mechanical properties of metals and composites, typically to strengthen the material.
  • General Surface Preparation: methods used to treat the surface of substrate prior to the application of coating (painting, coating and lining, etc.)
    • Paint Preparation
  • Sand Removal: Removing excess sand from surfaces.
  • Surface Finishing: Surface finishing is a broad range of industrial processes that alter the surface of a manufactured item to achieve a certain property
  • General Blast Cleaning

Pangborn Wheel Blast Machines

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