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Versatile And Customized Shot Blasting Equipment

Agosto 1, 2014

Versatile And Customized Shot Blasting Equipment


Pangborn Europe acquired an important order from a major Italian Foundry, Fonderie di Montorso, a leader in the industry.

In close collaboration with the foundry owner and technical managers, Pangborn Europe engineered and finalized an integrated system to sort, cool and finish grey iron castings. A brilliant case history about how to solve complex issues and optimize processes by joining the mutual experiences and generating a true partnership between supplier and customer.

The project involves a sand recuperation system after shake-out, a sorting apron conveyor, a power & free aerial conveyor to automatically handle the workpiece hangers, including cooling time, a two-station automatic shotblasting machine equipped with 8 wheels, 22 kW each, and the dust collectors.

Each workpiece hanger is equipped with a microchip for the instantaneous detection of the workpiece position and the related control of the process parameters.

The surface finishing is performed by different impact angles of the shots on the castings conveniently arranged on the hangers rotating inside the shotblasting cabinet.


For another major Italian foundry, VDP Fonderia, Pangborn Europe has engineered an automatic wheel shotblasting equipment with compressed air nozzle manual finishing, provided with a gantry crane for casting handling.

Thanks to synergy between VDP owner, VDP technical team and Pangborn Europe, the project led to the definition of equipment totally matching the productivity and flexibility targets, while integrated in a context with very stringent layout limits.

The automatic shotblasting cabinet is equipped with 10 wheels, 30 kW each, to treat castings up to 12 m length and 4 m height. On the basis of the specific process, the castings will be treated either in translation or in rotation. The manual finishing area is provided with fixed and telescopic platforms for a user-friendly access of the operators during treatment of the large castings. All process parameters are fully adjustable.

Casting handling is assured by a gantry crane equipped with a double hook, one spinning, so to keep the loading and unloading areas free of all obstacles.
The equipment is provided with an abrasive handling and reclamation system including a set of screw conveyors, vibrating scalping deck to remove flashes, large-size bucket elevator, upper scalping drum and magnetic-pneumatic separator.

Febbraio 14, 2008

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